Gamescom Sparks Up a Game Jam for Project Spark

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
Towards the end of this year's Gamescom, Dakota and Microsoft's intriguing game for next-gen, Project Spark, got a bit of attention. The game's Kinect functionality has already been detailed, but this time we have something different. Five designers and five Youtube sensations got the chance to team up in pairs and build whatever their minds could comprehend in the space of an hour. We have an RPG, a Devil May Cry-esque boss battle, and a game where if you don't sing well enough, people...die?

Project Spark has no release window yet, but in the meantime, why don't you try and think of your own creation? I've got a good one; a futuristic world with giant sentient machines annihilating everything and- oh wait, I think that might have been done already...
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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