Dead Rising 2 Information

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Coming from the hometown of the original zombie flick (Night of the Living Dead), it is natural that I take an interest in the upcoming zombie bashing sequel Dead Rising 2. There has been very little information circulating around the internet about the game but Joystiq (external link) has put up a nice preview and interview with Keiji Inafune, head of Global Production with Capcom.

Some of the juicy nuggets that can be withdrawn from those pieces is that the saving system is essentially the same. There will be specific areas that you have to go to in order to save your game, just like the first one. One change that was made is that you will have multiple save slots. This allows players to take different directions in gameplay if they are unsure on how to proceed.

Speaking on that very same topic, Inafune stated that the learning curve and difficulty curve for this game will be less severe than the first game. In the first game, at moments, players would feel lost and unsure of what to do. It almost felt like you needed a game guide right on your lap to know what to do next, in the second game there shouldn't be as many situations that require you to need a guide right at your finger tips. Inafune did say there is the possibility that you will feel at moments to go scouring the internet for solutions to problems you will encounter.

Frank West is not a major character for this second game. That means that the photo system will be gone. I actually enjoyed snapping photos of my adventures and then taking some time and examining old photos and moments. This system has been replaced with an item creation system, think Home Alone for the Sega Genesis. You can combine items you find around the mall and attempt to combine them for the ultimate zombie slaughtering mechanism.

According to Joystiq, aside from those changes the game is essentially the same game with nicely polished graphics and some refined player mechanics. You still receive missions from another character, but they are less intrusive and annoying. If you hang up on the character they shouldn't be ringing you for 25 minutes to tell you how rude you are. There is still the 72-hour story line, which I really liked, and the zombies are the still the same brainless shuffling mob.

Dead Rising 2 is out August 31st for North America, September 3 for Europe.