GTA V More Details About The Special Editions

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
A while back we were able to bring you the announcement of the special editions for the hugely anticipated upcoming title from Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V.

As the release date draws ever closer, we now have some additional details about these editions of the title which include special character boosts, weapons, clothing, vehicles, and gameplay.

Both special editions of the game will come with additional weapons that will be available through your local Ammu-Nation store: the .50 caliber pistol and the Bullpup shotgun. Both of these special firearms will be available at no additional cost and have their own unique customization options, skins and attachments. You'll also have access to the Hammer, which acts as a brutal melee weapon.

Naturally, whilst being well-armed you should also be well-dressed, and when visiting any shops around Los Santos and Blaine County, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will receive a special 20% discount along with access to special items either in their personal wardrobes or from stores. Each character will receive one outfit each, one additional article of clothing (shirt, hoodie and jacket) each and a tattoo.

GTA V - Special Editions Images

To further distinguish your characters from the hoi-polloi, Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have their own unique special ability, which can be activated once each of them fills up the Special Ability bar based on various actions. Michael is an expert marksman, whilst Franklin is a skilled driver with sharp reflexes. Both these characters will be able to slow down time to either take down targets more easily, or navigate through densely packed traffic and take corners at high speed and in style. Trevor is also special in his own way; he is a drug-addled sociopath with a short fuse whose ability sends him into a rage, causing double damage to enemies while only taking half as much damage himself when hit. With the boost that's included in both the Special and Collector's Editions, the Special Ability bar will generate 25% faster.

Not all the action will be taking place at street level and the special editions will include the Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Plane Trials. These trials will consist of five thrilling and unique challenges, taking the player around mountains, deserts, oceans, and cities navigating through a maze of checkpoints, each placed to push your Stunt Plane to the limit. Completing each trial will improve the piloting skill of your character in the game and will also be tracked by leaderboards in the real world.

For those willing to pay a little extra, the Collector's Edition will feature a couple of additional bonuses. Firstly, single-player will include exclusive custom vehicles, including the CarbonRS sports bike and the an open frame 1930's style hotrod called the Hotknife. Players who want to drive in style in multiplayer, will have access to the high-end Khamelion electric car, which is specific to GTA Online.

GTA V - Special Editions Images

GTA V - Special Editions Images

Finally, the Collector's Edition will also include characters from previous titles to be used as a parent option in the character customisation process. The characters Niko Bellic, Claude, and Misty will be available to provide their genes in the new hereditary-based character creation system that uses variable gene dominance between parents to build up a character's appearance in GTA Online. Incidentally, it is worth noting that, just as with real life, your character's daily activities, including family time, work, sports, and couch potato hours, will all have an impact in the way your character appears, and their skills, all of which should lead to a very diverse and organic online experience.

Grand Theft Auto V is due to release on September 17th.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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