Phantom Breaker Extra Reveals New Fighters

By Dog of Thunder,
Phantom Breaker Extra is the upcoming update for Phantom Breaker, a 2D anime-style fighting game that never saw a release outside of Japan. While we have no new information regarding Phantom Breaker Extra making it out of Japan, we do have some new information on the additional cast for this update.

Highlighted in this trailer we have Ende, who fights alongside her giant mech, or rather the hand of her giant mech. Joining her is Sophia, a Russian Artifact with an axe to grind against Phantom, and Shizuka, a paramilitary operative that used to work for Phantom. There's Rin, a 6-year old girl who does not fight directly but instead controls Gaito, an incredibly powerful anti-soul. Rounding out the newcomers are Kurisu from Steins;Gate and Rimi from the Chaos;Head series, both making the transition from visual novels to a fighting game.

How do they hold up? Might as well take a look for yourself.

Phantom Breaker Extra will be out in Japan on September 19th.