Forza Rewards Arrives

By Archer Rival, 5 years ago
Most fans of the Forza series couldn't even estimate the number of laps they've driven since the series first began. Countless hours have been spent perfecting laps, fine-tuning performance, and creating visual masterpieces for all to behold. These aspects certainly deliver a sense of accomplishment when one combines the leaderboard rankings, bragging rights, and the achievements. Those things may be enough for the series faithful, but Microsoft and Turn 10 wanted to offer something more. Forza Rewards is now officially live and open to the public.

Forza Rewards is a loyalty program that delivers in-game bonuses for meeting certain criteria. That criteria gives you a score for each individual Forza game. Fittingly, the sum of those numbers is called your Forza Score. Your Forza Score determines your Forza Tier that, in turn, determines what prizes you're eligible to receive.

forzaR 1

What sort of prizes can you receive? You'll earn in-game credits and tokens that can be used to purchase whatever you desire (upgraded parts, tuning setups, etc). You'll also be able to earn new vehicles for your collection (for those of you into that sort of thing). It should be noted that redeeming rewards for certain vehicles such as this month's Nissan will get you another reward.

Forza Motorsport 4Unicorn HunterThe Unicorn Hunter achievement in Forza Motorsport 4 worth 23 pointsBe the winning bidder on any "unicorn" car in the Auction House.

Available rewards will change each month. This doesn't mean that you need to save your points for something better if you don't care much for the current offerings. The points are not actually removed from your total when you redeem rewards. They stay in place so that you can return each month for more rewards.

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Currently, the rewards available are for Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon. The program will be expanded with future releases in the series (e.g. Forza Motorsport 5). This will include more tiers for you to unlock with each new release.

While playing Forza 4 and Forza Horizon will earn points towards rewards, you can also earn them by playing Forza Motorsport 2 and Forza Motorsport 3. Upon signing into the rewards page, you'll notice that everything you've done in the series has already been totaled into your score.

There are stat-tracking tools on the site that allow you to see how close you are to the next tier and what you can do in each game to earn more points. While some of the points for each title can be earned via achievements, others have different requirements. This includes things such as playing a certain amount of time or downloading car packs. Keep in mind that time played can only be tracked when you're playing while online.

Additional tracking on the site allows you to compare yourself with your friends. You can see how you stack up overall and in each individual game. The more competitive-natured among you may find this quite appealing.

Participation in Forza Rewards simply requires you to visit the website and sign up. Again, the program is already up and running. What are you waiting for?