LocoCycle Gets Primed With New Screens & Gameplay

By litepink,
To commemorate the arrival of LocoCycle at this year's PAX Prime in Seattle, Twisted Pixel has released some new screens, as well as giving us pleasure of viewing some gameplay footage from the recent Gamescom conference as well.

For the first time the developer is showing off some footage of the Bipolar Offroad stage and in it there's plenty high speed chase action, as well as humorous banter between the motorcycle I.R.I.S. and the mechanic she's dragged along for the ride, Pablo.

Lococycle Pax Prim Screenshot 1

Lococycle Pax Prim Screenshot 2

Lococycle Pax Prim Screenshot 3

Lococycle Pax Prime Screenshot 4

Lococycle Pax Prime Screenshot 5

Lococycle Pax Prime Screenshot 6

The pricing of the launch title download has now been (mostly) confirmed. In the United States, LocoCycle will run you back $19.99. Although exact pricing in other regions hasn't been etched into stone, you can expect it to be in line with the US pricing, similar to games such as State of Decay or Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Again, only the US price has been confirmed at this date so don't run off with a mechanic dragging behind you if the price comes in slightly different.

LocoCycle speeds onto Xbox One at launch as a downloadable title. An Xbox 360 version of the game is coming as well but release details are still pending on that one.