The TA Top Five: Tearjerker Moments

By Marc Hollinshead, 6 years ago
Have you ever been to the cinema and watched a really emotional scene, causing that lump to appear in your throat in a desperate attempt not to burst into tears in front of everyone? I know I have. How about in a video game? Characters and stories are vast and numerous in the gaming world, so it is easy to become emotionally attached to the games that you play. They may be fewer and far between than in films and TV shows, but here and there, something happens that causes your tear ducts to do a “screw you” and give up.

After some tearful discussion and shoulders being cried on in the TA office, we have come up with a Top Five list of gaming moments that may have you reaching for the nearest box of Kleenex. Now be warned, there will be some spoilers in here. I won’t be completely spoiling each game I discuss, but just read at your own risk. None of us (well, at least most of us) like our favourite game being spoiled, so try and keep the comments as spoiler free as possible as well. Use the spoiler tags if need be! Tip: Play some emotional violin/piano music while reading this if you want the full works.

Last chance...

Still here? Ok...let the crying commence!

5. Fable II Achievements – Losing man’s best friend

Fable 2 dog

It’s a widely known saying in life that a dog is a man’s best friend. The Fable series is certainly no stranger to that saying. While gallivanting around Albion in Fable II, you always have your trusty dog by your side. Whether it’s standing around and weirding out the locals in Bowerstone, or fighting those pesky Hobbs in the woodlands, your dog will be there. What if he wasn’t there, though? Imagine him vanishing from the world through a selfless act of defending his master and there was nothing that you could do about it. I’ll say no more just in case you’re already half-way through those tissues already. I’d link a video, but the interweb seems to have noth- wait a minute...look what I found! Many gamers hated witnessing this for the first time, so you’re probably wondering why I’m giving you the option to be emotionally scarred for a second time. Well I don’t know; perhaps I’m just a crazy person (the 3 and a half minute mark is where you’ll want to get to).

4. Lost Odyssey Achievements – The Ending

Lost Odyssey final boss

After an intense final boss fight (along with the many other intense fights this game has us go through), Lost Odyssey presents us with an ending that’s full of sobbing, happiness, joy, and everything in between. Throughout the journey the game takes us on, the characters build relationships with each other that go beyond even death. Just when you think it’s all over, something happens that makes you jump for joy while also shouting “NOOOOOO!” at your TV screen. It’s not all sadness and heartache, though. Once one story ends, another is just beginning, and all you can do is cry tears of happiness for these characters. They thoroughly deserve it. Take a look at the awesome twenty+ minutes ending below. A gazillion internet points for anyone who gets through the whole thing without getting the least bit teary-eyed!

3. Mass Effect 3 AchievementsCitadel DLC – Memorial Scene

Citadel DLC memorial

The death of someone close to you can be hard, but sometimes it’s everything after that’s harder. That was definitely the case with Commander Shepard and Thane Krios’ son, Kolyat, in the Citadel DLC of Mass Effect 3. The memorial scene that takes place in Shepard’s new apartment is extremely touching. A number of friends come to say a few words, and it wasn’t the sadness of death that got to me; it was the way in which Shepard’s friends spoke in this particular scene. They encompassed all that was great about a legendary drell in a few speeches, and somehow did it without shedding one tear. Everything they said sparked the emotion as it was so beautiful and just...happy. If there was a romance with Shepard beforehand, an extra message was left for her. That particular message had me sobbing, along with Shepard, for the first time ever. Now before I start crying all over the keyboard, I’ll leave you with this.

2. Half Life 2 – Episode 2 – An honourable death

Half Life 2 episode 2

Just when you think everything is fine and you’re ready to escape, you get flung onto a wall against your will and have to watch as a kind man and loving father gets killed in front of your eyes. “Close your eyes, honey.” “I love you, dad.” “Don’t look.” Well, you know the rest. The crying of Alyx as the game fades out into the credits is haunting to say the least. Years later, gamers are still mourning over this loss and are desperate to know what happens next. Why is it always the biggest of cliff-hangers that we have to wait so long for? Curse you, Valve, with your hatred of the number 3! Half Life 2 – Episode 2 – Part 2, anyone? Just so we could study it that bit further, I showed the scene in the TA office, and accidentally caused one of ChewieOnIce's statisticle's to have a breakdown. Luckily he’s safe and well, although he’s got ten solid weeks of counselling coming up. Care to risk that for yourselves?

How’s that box of Kleenex doing? You’re onto your fourth box!? Looks like you may well be finishing that one with this final entry...

1. The Walking Dead Achievements – Episode 5 Ending


If you wanted something that would have you truly weeping long after the credits have rolled, then this is it. The previous episodes had already tugged at our heartstrings a tremendous amount, but this just blew everything out of the water. After seeing how Lee and Clementine’s relationship grew over the course of the season, the final scene was so tough to watch that I had to lock the door so no one could come in! We can tell from this picture alone just how much Clementine’s heart was breaking, but gamers across the globe were also joining her. For such a young and small girl, she went through so much. I’d give her a great big hug if I could...and...and...excuse me a minute...

....Sorry, had to just compose myself there. Did you manage to keep your cool through all of that? I got through ten tissue boxes and five handkerchiefs myself. I hope you enjoyed our list of tearjerker moments. What would you say yours are? Anyway, I better go check how ChewieOnIce and his traumatised statisticle are getting on...

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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