TA Gaming Stats - August 26th to September 1st

By Chewie, 5 years ago
This report is for the period August 26th to September 1st 2013.

Last week saw us bravely enter an era of new releases here on stats and this week is no different, with a good few new entries to keep things interesting, although the numbers for these releases are significantly lower (and quite disappointing). After the bonus Stat table I brought you last week also seemed to hit the right notes, I've taken things to the logical next step this week with another table to wrap your number-loving brains around.

Games Started
27,843 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 39,135 games between them (1,826 different games).

On the new release front this week we get Madden NFL 25 (Xbox 360) taking first place with almost 2,500 starters. Although top spot is a good position to be sure, those sorts of numbers would have put it a lot lower had it been released alongside any bigger titles. The other three new releases for the week, Rayman Legends (Xbox 360), Killer is Dead and Lost Planet 3, all stand side by side in the lowly positions of seventh, eighth and ninth, with between 430 and 590 starters. These are pretty low figures, but maybe they'll gain a little steam in future weeks.

Last week's many new releases all take a big chunk off their numbers this week, but retain healthy positions on the table, with Saints Row IV in second with 2,300 starters, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist slipping into fourth with 1,600 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified making a drop to tenth. After just one week on the table, Disney Infinity slips away without a trace.

Recent release, Payday 2, continues to fare well, maintaining over 1,000 starters in fifth place. Although the recent Rockstar sale saw loads of discounts, probably the biggest and best price cut was for their hilarious schoolground adventure, Bully: Scholarship Edition. Over 1,000 TAers agreed and laid down their cash for the Games on Demand version of the title, putting it in sixth place, above most of the week's new releases.

Top Retail Games Started

The "Games with Gold" title for the beginning of September shifts the action from Retail to Arcade, putting Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 at the top of the table with almost 1,500 starters, a number sure to increase dramatically next week, seeing as it was only free for one day on this table. I wonder how experienced Magic players feel about this sudden influx of n00bs into the game. Oh well, at least it'll mean there'll be more people to play against, even if the vast majority of those people (including me) have no idea how to actually play the game.

Sandwiched between Magic DotP 2013 and the accompaniment to previous free title, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, is this week's new release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. The heroes in a half-shell make it second place with 1,300. When I was a kid I was a member of the Turtles Fan Club. In fact, when it was my birthday one year, my mum made me a full-body turtle suit (Leonardo, even though Michaelangelo was my favourite). However, I then got gastroenteritis and couldn't attend my party with said costume because I was vomiting and pooping all over the place. The event so scarred me, I can't look at anything turtle related without needing to visit the toilet.

An apparent marketplace glitch put the Ben 10 platformer, Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex Delisted, free for a few hours before the game was promptly removed entirely. Almost 200 TAers managed to get the drop on the freeness before the game was gone for good, putting it in sixth place, despite some less than stellar reviews. Free is free, right?

Top Arcade Games Started

As a fan of patterns and word play, I would have loved to have seen Implode! (WP) directly Collapse! (WP) on the Windows Phone Deal of the Weeks, but instead we got Pocket God (WP) sandwiched between them. To satiate the obsessive compulsive in me, I decided to get Chegwin the Statistcle to first Collapse! then Implode! (don't ask how). As it is, the explosion based puzzler manages to pull in nearly 300 starters in first place, no doubt bolstered by a fairly easy completion.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
6,798 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 9,127 games between them (1,252 different games).

Saints Row IV shoots its way to the top of Retail Games Completed this week, jumping to nearly 600 completions. With a current completion percentage of 8.5%, the open world title proves much easier to complete than the first to games in the series, but is still a way off the 19% completion percentage of the last iteration, Saints Row: The Third (which also pops up in tenth with 50 completions). The other new release to make the table is Splinter Cell: Blacklist in third with nearly 200 completions.

Following the recent DLC boost, Halo 4 loses two thirds of its completions to 300 in second. Getting its own DLC boost is Call of Duty: Black Ops II in fourth with almost 150 completions with the "Apocalypse" DLC.

Top Retail Games Completed

Although the other tables in the charts this week see some new entries and shuffling around, Arcade Games Completed remains pretty stagnant, with Dead Rising 2: Case Zero still leading the way, despite halving its completions. The two Doritos Crash Course titles also continue to stand side by side thanks to the recent glitch fix and new levels.

Top Arcade Games Completed

Actually, Windows Phone Games Completed doesn't see much in the way of change either. Despite a 23% completion percentage, Implode! doesn't yet make the table, although I'm certain it will next week.

Collapse! Watch: The number of people needed to put Collapse! at the joyous 100% completion percentage dips again this week, but only by a few. Right now only 286 people need to finish the game for it to hit that magical target. If you're reading this and Collapse! is sitting unfinished on your phone, then drop this like a hot sack of crap and get to it! It's far more important than reading my jibber jabber.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
66,619 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 746,023 achievements online between them (49,320 different achievements).

Although Madden NFL 25 may be the most started game, it's far from the most played. Three of the ten "Apocalypse" DLC achievements CoD: BlOps 2 take the top spots, but no others make it onto the table. The other spots are filled by Saints Row IV, including a bunch of late storyline ones.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero gets its clean sweep interrupted this week thanks to two Magic achievements in first and fifth and a single Turtles one for completing the first chapter in number two. Excuse me, must pop to the loo.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Implode! slices the table almost in half, taking the top five achievements and seventh, leaving Halo: Spartan Assault (WP) and UNO & Friends (WP) to mop up the rest.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

The only change of note in Genre this week is the rise in number for Sport, thanks to Madden NFL 25. Although, it actually retains its fifth place position, despite the increase...so no change at all really.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure10,756,259
  • Shooter6,138,603
  • Role-Playing1,776,016
  • Action1,738,206
  • Sports1,622,644
  • Racing793,749
  • Platformer667,409
  • Adventure276,440
  • Card & Board270,338
  • Puzzle250,231

Last week we brought you a bonus stats treat in the form of the top ten Retail Games Started of all time here on TA. This week, we continue with the natural successor to that table, Arcade Games Started. The Statisticles were particularly looking forward to these stats, being big fans of the digital distribution model and also free junk.

Top 10 Most Started Arcade Games (as of 08/09/13)

Although the top Retail titles on the site mostly followed a "AAA franchise" theme, the Arcade equivalent has a slightly different theme: freebies. Four of the games on the table are free, two have been available for free at some point in their history and one has been given away for free with purchases of Xbox Live Vision.

By far the most started title, with almost double the numbers of the next one down, is Hexic HD with over 150,000 starters (which puts it second behind Halo 3 as the most started game on the entire site). This is, of course, because the game comes free bundled with every Xbox 360 package. In fact, considering the site tracks over 215,000 gamers, I'm almost surprised it's not a little higher, considering every single Xbox 360 owner has it. It also has the lowest completion percentage on the list at less than 2%. I wonder how many of the other 98% didn't complete it because of difficulty and how many because, after 5 minutes with the game they decided to move onto something they actually got the console to play.

Doritos Crash Course, Harms Way and Dash of Destruction represent the other always free titles on the list. All three came from the Doritos-sponsored "Unlock Xbox" competition, with Dash of Destruction released in 2008 and the other two in 2010. Dash is also the highest completion (69%) and is the only game on the list to have now been removed from the marketplace. If it was around still, it may have even managed a higher position, but fifth place with nearly 75,000 starters is still pretty darned impressive for a low-rated free turd. Although it's not free most of the time, UNO (Xbox 360) was given away along with purchases of the Xbox Live Vision system, which has now been usurped by Kinect. The first episode of The Walking Dead has also been free twice since the game's release and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was free only just last month, a fact that managed to plonk just onto this table, ahead of free-to-play title Happy Wars, which just misses out.

The only three titles on the table with their feet firmly in the "this costs money" bracket, but still managing to pull in massive numbers, are Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (duh), Castle Crashers and Trials HD. However, the latter two have seen their fair share of sales. Minecraft remains the only game to have never seen a price reduction and, at what used to be 1600MSP, was one of the more expensive titles on the Marketplace.

The oldest game on the table is obviously Hexic, as it was released way back in 2005 when the console launched. The newest are Minecraft and The Walking Dead, both from last year, proving that the big numbers aren't just about time. In a few years, I wouldn't be surprised to see both those titles rise up the table as only less than 20,000 starters separate them from second place.

Now that I've got into the swing of doing these bonus tables, I'll probably go a little off-piste next week. I've been asking the Statisticles to come up with something a little different, so you can blame them for whatever they reveal.

Next week we'll also see one of the most hotly anticipated console releases of all time. Oh, and there'll also be Diablo III
Written by Chewie
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