The Tower Calls Metro: Last Light

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Only a few days ago we were able to bring you details of the second piece of DLC to be included in the Season Pass for Metro: Last Light. The wait for the "Tower Pack" was short as players can now get their hands on the combat simulator. The DLC adds two new achievements worth a total of 30G.

Prepare yourself for the challenge of The Tower - the Metro's virtual combat simulator. Each level is increasingly difficult - can you make it to the top? Compare your time and score against your friends with the added leaderboard functionality and try again. Note: This purchasable item is included in the Season Pass
If you would like a sneak peek at the DLC before deciding on a purchase, check out these screenshots.

The achievements for the third piece of content, "The Developer Pack", have also appeared online, meaning that the release of this DLC should be imminent. This pack brings a "fully stocked" Shooting Gallery, an AI Arena and the Metro Museum. While the purpose of the Shooting Gallery seems fairly self-explanatory, the AI Arena and Metro Museum are a little more mysterious. There will also be a new solo mission called The Spiders' Nest. Players will be armed with new tools to enable them to deal with an infestation of Spider mutants.

Finally, the "Chronicles Pack" will be the final piece of DLC content. There will be three new single-player missions where players take on the roles of one of four of the game's other characters - Pavel, Anna, and the pairing of Khan and Ulman - as they have their own adventures away from Artyom's main story.

The release dates and prices for the last two DLC packs are yet to be confirmed. We'll let you know if we get any more information. Meanwhile, "The Tower Pack" costs US$4.99 / £3.49 / €4.79 / AU$4.95 and can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, Season Pass holders can download the content in-game at no extra cost.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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