NBA 2K14 Dynamic Rosters and Skill Moves

By ClumsyOnion, 5 years ago
We're nearing the annual sport game release period and 2K Games are holding onto their place in that roster with everything they have. Speaking of rosters...we bring good news to the basketball fans out there. 2K Games have released trailers showing off the dynamic roster feature that will appear in the newest game, NBA 2K14, as well as the skill moves players will be able to execute on the court.

The first trailer displayed features the game's producer, Zach Timmerman, talking about the 'dynamic living rosters' that will be available in the game. The roster will provide quicker updates than the one featured in last year's edition. Not only will these directly echo transfers and changes in real life but you will now see virtual players changing trends to match their physical counter-parts.

In the second trailer Zach Timmerman makes a return, this time talking about what special 'signature skill moves' will be available at the player's fingertips. He explains what it will take to master these moves, and what kind of play-style you should develop around them.

NBA 2K14 will release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 edition will be available from October 1st onward, while the Xbox One iteration will be released in November.