LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer Expands Roster

By Archer Rival, 5 years ago
Marvel Comics and LEGO fans everywhere continue to await the collision of those two worlds. Discussions of favorite heroes and villains spawn at every mention of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Strong cases can be made by each fan for why their favorite might be the best.

Despite boasting a roster of over 100 playable characters, it would be hard to say any member isn't deserving of their spot. The newest addition might be argued by some to be the most deserving. Considering that the game is based on a world of his creation, that seems a valid point. Here's a look at the newest character in action. Excelsior!

We've also got a couple screenshots of Stan Lee.

stan 1

stan 2

What are your thoughts on Stan's jump from movie cameos to the main action? Do you know what other games he has appeared in? If you were thinking comic-based games, a quick search of the internet might reveal some surprising information.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is due out on the Xbox 360 in October. It releases for the Xbox One on November 22nd.