SmartGlass on Xbox One Gets...Smarter

By litepink, 5 years ago
The Xbox One was built from the ground up to work with SmartGlass, therefore the integration between console and app looks to be that much more innovative this time around. Some new details have arisen for SmartGlass on Xbox One that divulges in the innovations that we’ll be seeing with the new console.

There are some obvious uses of SmartGlass for viewing and discovering various forms of entertainment on Xbox One. SmartGlass will have many remote control type functions, such as changing TV channels, controlling volume, and playback. SmartGlass is capable of much more though with the integration of the dashboard’s OneGuide feature. You can search and discover new programming on your phone while you continue to watch other programs or services on your TV. When you’re ready to switch you can use SmartGlass to change to the next program or application you want to use.

One Guide

How can SmartGlass bring more innovation and fun to the games you play? We’ve covered news on the use of SmartGlass in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare recently, and other titles confirmed to utilize it are Project Spark and Dead Rising 3. SmartGlass allows you to use your device as the in-game phone to communicate with the game’s characters. The idea may be novel but wouldn't it have been cool to have this feature in Grand Theft Auto IV, since your cell phone was an integral part of the game?

Dead Rising 3 also uses SmartGlass to find hidden items in the game, for starting a mission, or for things like calling in an airstrike to clear a path in the zombie horde. You can see a demo of this in some of our recent coverage of the title.

Dead Rising 3 SmartGlass

Xbox One and SmartGlass introduces a new feature called Game Help. This allows you to use your second screen device as a personalized game manual of sorts. SmartGlass keeps track of exactly which point you are at in a game, and the Game Help offers tips or instruction based off your progress. It’s up to the developers to decide how much or how little of assistance is offered in Game Help and how they feel it best fits with the scope of their game.

SmartGlass can function as a controller in some situations too, though Microsoft isn’t looking to exactly replace the controller, just supplement it with SmartGlass when the situation is right. Some examples that were thrown around were picking plays in a football game, or viewing a hand in poker. Thankfully, with the improvements with SmartGlass for Xbox One there is much less latency and greater performance to allow such functionality.

Social Features
Whether you’re at or away from your console, you can always stay connected with, you guessed it, SmartGlass. You can use it on the go to check out your achievements, compare with friends, see what they’re playing, and apply pins that will appear on your Xbox One later on. You can also do things like send and receive messages, or browse the game marketplace. What’s really cool is that you’ll have access to your Game DVR moments that you or your friends have created right on your supported device.

Windows 8 tablet

SmartGlass for Xbox One will require a separate download from the Xbox 360 version you may or may not have downloaded already. It will be available this holiday on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android.