Watch_Dogs ctOS Mobile App Detailed

By litepink, 5 years ago
Whether you plan on playing Watch_Dogs or not, you can interact with the game using the ctOS Mobile app, coming to iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to own Watch_Dogs to use the app, or even a gaming console for that matter.

In the Watch Dogs universe, the ctOS (Central Operating System) is the city-wide computer system that controls varying functions and settings in the city of Chicago. With this app, a person can have control of the in-game ctOS of sorts through sending challenges to friends. Once the friend accepts, their objective is to hit four checkpoints within a set time limit. The objective of the person using the ctOS Mobile app is to stop them from reaching those four checkpoints. How will you accomplish this? In similar fashion to how you wreak havoc in the actual game: hacking traffic lights, putting up road blockers, and manipulating other equipment in the city. You can see the player’s marker in real-time on your phone to track their whereabouts.

What’s the point of ensuring your console friend’s failure? Besides the obvious reasons of bragging rights and griefing, the app will have its own progression skills meaning that you’ll have more tools at your disposal the more you play, making that griefing all the more fun. Don’t worry console players, you can choose not to accept a challenge if you’re not up to the challenge at that particular time. App users can play anywhere, anytime, and don’t need to be in the presence of a console.


The app is similar to the functionality found in Microsoft’s SmartGlass, but to clarify it isn’t the same thing. In fact, as mentioned before the Watch_Dogs ctOS app is only on iOS and Android phones or tablets. The app will should be available for free around the time Watch_Dogs releases on November 19th on Xbox 360 and November 22nd on Xbox One.