Metro 2034 Planned

By DavieMarshall, 9 years ago
Metro 2033 was a massive seller for THQ, which is usually a guarantee that a sequel will see the light of day at some point in the future.

Danny Bilson, (THQ executive vice president of core games, or THQEVOCG to his friends) confirmed this fact in an interview with CVG. Whilst Bilson refused to place important facts such as dates and even platforms, he did comment on the prospect of 3D being incorporated into the sequel.

We're showing Metro 2033 in 3D right now, which Nvidia is showing as one of their key demo products. We're going to be doing a 3D version of that on Metro 2034 - the sequel. And there will be some engineering costs there, but that's in our lowest cost centre in the world. Those games are unbelievably reasonable, they're built in Kiev.
In related news not really worthy of a complete news article,THQ have recently confirmed that the first pack of DLC for Metro 2033 is coming in 'the very near future', which will bring more weapons, achievements and the 'Ranger Mode' rules to the title.