Battlefield 4's Weapon Customization is Extensive

By litepink, 5 years ago
The latest entry in the Battlefield series promises to have a deeper weapon customization than ever before. For Battlefield 4, developer DICE touts over 240,000 possible variations for each weapon. This will ensure that every weapon will be tailored to your play style and personal flair. This will also allow you to adapt to every situation and map.

The amount of accessories available for your gun has tripled, with more available slots in which to install them. You can even customize your secondary weapon this time around, adding suppressors, different optics, and paint jobs just like you would with your primary. Snipers in particular will see some new additions as well. The ability to zero your rifle has been added, which allows you line up your target, and then 'zero' and calibrate your shot to compensate your bullet drop for long distances. There's also a new 40x zoom scope for those really far away shots.

Personalization hits a new high with the six different camo categories: Autumn, Desert, Naval, Snow, Urban and Woodland. Within these are sixteen different variations to choose from to make each your own. Battlefield 4 also introduces a new adaptive camouflage that changes with the environment around you.

You can see this immense level of customization first hand in the following alpha footage of the game, accompanied by a bit of text commentary from Core Gameplay Lead Designer Alan Kertz which can be seen right below the video.

ALAN KERTZ: Okay. Let’s say I’m preparing for a round of Obliteration on the Paracel Storm map and I intend to run and gun and fire at close range on the central island. Then I could start off with the default Chinese assault rifle. First, I would want to attach a red dot sight to get that clear aim down the sight. Then I choose the canted iron sight, which lets me switch between two different sights on the same gun. Now I’ve got two different zoom options with the same gun. I also want to be stealthy and sneak up close on people, and for that I’d choose a Chinese suppressor, which will hide me on the minimap and make it harder for close range enemies to find and shoot back at me. I’d also go with the new Ergo Grip that makes me more accurate when I’m shooting while moving.

Battlefield 4 has some pretty long range infantry combat, so one of the things we’ve done is to give each class access to some long range guns. So let’s say we start with one of the semi-automatic rifles that every class can get, that’s fitting for long range. I’ll attach a long range scope that gives me 4X magnification and choose the canted iron sight so I still can fight a little bit up close and tilt the gun 45 degrees. After that I’ll put a heavy barrel on it to bump up my accuracy and give me that reach to really touch somebody. I’ll use the angled grip in order to control recoil on that first shot – that’s going to put things on target at long range. And as a final touch, let’s put some flare on it by choosing the naval camo. Now I’m going to fit in with the environment in Paracel Storm. They won’t see me coming!
Another new feature revealed is the addition of Battle Pickups, which are special weapons strategically placed in a multiplayer map. One example given by DICE is a .50 cal sniper rifle located in the Parcel Storm map, located halfway up the radar dish walkway, a prime sniping spot. These weapons could give you and your team the upper hand, though there is limited ammo in these Battle Pickups so you “need to make every shot count”. These pickups are bound to create a flurry of activity around its location too so you need factor that in as well.


Battlefield 4 storms Xbox 360 on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe. The Xbox One version will be ready for launch.