Ascend: Hand of Kul Beta Update Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
A lucky number of gamers will have been diving into the beta-world of Signal Studios' upcoming XBLA action-RPG title Ascend: Hand of Kul but, unfortunately, there's been many bugs and issues with the closed beta. The patience and reports of the community has paid off, however, and the team behind the beta have released an update for the game that aims to sort out and eliminate the known issues so far.

Besides the usual long list of fixes and tweaks, Signal Studios has also detailed a few 'need-to-knows' to go along with the update. Check out this info first followed by the list of fixes for the beta:

First, all player accounts will be reset. This means you will have to start the game over. For those who purchased souls, they will be rewarded back to you immediately upon start up. If you do not receive your purchased souls, please get in touch with us via the Signal Studios contact email and we will move to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

The 1.1 phase will be released to those who have already been playing first. It is important that we get as many issues reported as quickly as possible from the early players.

New Features:

• Added 3 new regions and 16 levels including Forest, Lakes, Graves, and the Titan battle!
• Transcending is in. Once a player has hit level 60 they will have the option to Transcend. Players who Transcend will retain their souls, ascension emblems and also receive a special badge. Game progress will reset and you will start the game over at Level One. All enemies in the game will level up.
• Invader load screen allows players to see the name, gear and stats of the invading champions.
• Players can now assign their Ascended Champions to invade specific dominion points on the map. Turn the tide of the battle.
• Boss fights are significantly more challenging.
• Added a post invasion stats screen.
• Added weekly challenges and awards for winning alignments.
• Added more dungeons.
• Invasion retreats. If the fight is too tough, you have an option to warp back to your previous progress.
• New items should unlock more consistently throughout the game.
• Added per alignment rune resists.
• Added 3 more Apex bosses and the Titan as well as 7 common enemies.
• Players can now purchase multiple runes and crusade spells from the UI menus.
• All stats are now displayed, allowing players to know what modifiers are impacting their character.


• Reduced repair costs.
• Alignment bonuses have been updated and your alignment choice has more statistical meaning. Dark is stronger, Light is faster, and Void magic is more powerful.
• Fixes for the 2nd Apex fight
• Spells are automatically Legacy’d when players Ascend, no more losing your spells!
• Tripled the amount of alignment specific armor.
• Reduced costs of spells dramatically.
• Large number of combat fixes. Damage and balance changes across all weapons and types.
• All Light and Dark emblems have been restructured.
• Fixed many bugs with player boss stats, runes, and abilities.
• Fixed many human issues.
• Capped amount and level of Cursed enemies.
• Better rewards for changing alignments upon Ascension.
• Updated the balance of the game to better account for late-game leveling.
• Adjusted item costs across the board.

We also fixed over 800 bugs since we last met and probably introduced a few hundred more! Let’s all hop on this beta and report any issues to the forums to help improve the public release!
For those not in the beta but still looking to take part in the action, Signal Studios are looking to expand the beta "in larger groups", to around a goal of 15,000 players. This should be happening within the "next few days".

The game's servers will have been down earlier on today and should be back up and running with the newly patched 1.1 version. A release date for the full version of Ascend: Hand of Kul is still yet to be confirmed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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