New How to Survive Screenshots Shamble In

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
Just in case you were one of the few who missed it, a little announcement was made for 505 Games and EKO Studios XBLA game, How to Survive, where the aim is to survive for as long as possible against a zombie horde until the inevitable happens. I bet you're wondering how on earth you're going to go about even attempting to live five seconds without getting feasted upon, so it's very lucky that some helpful new screenshots have appeared to give you some tips. Let's go through them together, shall we?

Step 1: RUN!
How to Survive 11/9 screen 1

Step 2: Wait till night on top of a rock, and ambush those brainless beasts with your trusty bow and arrow.
How to Survive 11/9 screen 2

Step 3: Go on an all-out assault now that you've trained yourself up a bit. Please note, there is a slight chance of a bloody death here.
How to Survive 11/9 screen 3

Step 4: Build your own camp with a cosy campfire in the middle for extra warmth.
How to Survive 11/9 screen 4

Step 5: Start gathering food and resources. This guy obviously feels fishing is first on the list.
How to Survive 11/9 screen 5

Step 6: Continue hunting for food while you can. Those zombies could come back at any second!
How to Survive 11/9 screen 6

Step 7: Now that you've collected all form of food and resources, you can build a shelter fit for a zombie-slaying king. However, be prepared for uninvited visitors.
How to Survive 11/9 screen 7

After that helpful presentation, I feel a bit more prepared to take on the undead now. How to Survive will be available for XBLA this Autumn.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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