Grand Theft Auto V Invades Your Life

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Social media has taken over the world whether you like it or not. Grand Theft Auto V is about to do the same. It seems rather fitting that Rockstar has decided to launch their own social network ahead of the game's launch next week. Lifeinvader allows players to gain Social Self Respect by stalking some of the game's characters, brands, shops and services. Your reward for doing this? Well, some of those brands, shops and services are offering special in-game rewards if you stalk them. All that you need to do is sign in to the Rockstar Social Club (or set up a new account), stalk pages and then link your copy of the game to your Social Club account once you start playing. Here's what you can earn:

Elitas Travel
Elitas Travel is the online leader in executive aviation sales, serving the needs of the high-maintenance luxury traveler for over 15 years.

Flying commercial is the new economy class. Claw back some self-respect by going private today. The aircraft of your dreams is just a click away.

Our all-new website is launching soon with a top fleet of new and pre-owned aircraft. Upscale luxury liners, military grade choppers, sporty stunt gliders – we have got it all.

Now servicing the greater Los Santos area, we are offering a special one-time deal for all LS-area customers who own private hangars: STALK this page here at Lifeinvader and get 10% off your first Elitas purchase. Be the sole member of your own mile-high club today! Why do you think autopilot was invented?
Elitas Travel Ad

"Celebrity client MC Clip would like to remind everyone that his personal flight crew is NOT included with purchase."
Elitas Travel Screen 1

"Pilot your new or pre-owned Frogger high over the Blaine County skies… One of the quietest helicopters on the market today. Sneak up on your significant other and conduct surveillance in style."
Elitas Travel Screen 2

Elitas Travel Screen 3

"Why fly private? Reason #15: Gourmet catering. Have you seen the slop that people who fly commercial have to eat?"
Elitas Travel Screen 4

Herr Kutz Barber
For the old school barber shop experience at modern prices, come to Herr Kutz.

Cornrows, lineups, ironic mullets, non-ironic mullets, and more.

Stalk us on Lifeinvader and your first cut is on us!
Herr Kutz Barber Ad

"A trip to Herr Kutz is like stepping back in time. We’d modernize but then the hipsters would stop coming in."
Herr Kutz Barber Screen 1

"Tramlines? Shutters? Berms? Whatever you need, our barber Donna will hook you up. She can’t see very well but she’s fast!"
Herr Kutz Barber Screen 2

Think of your body as a blank canvas for terrible artwork you can never get rid of.

We have a wide range of winged serpents, skulls, dragons and other spiritually meaningful symbols to express who you really are. Get something on your back done so your lover has something to look at.

Stop by Ink Inc today and literally paint over your insecurities.

Check back here frequently for special promotions including Gang Symbol Tuesdays, back by popular demand for middleclass white kids struggling with literally having nothing to worry about.

STALK us and your first tattoo is FREE!

"The lucky 13 Dragon drawn by Steve and now available. The dragon and vaguely Asian lettering have deep spiritual meaning."
InkInc Screen 1

Legendary Motorsport
Legendary Motorsport is the internet’s new premier destination for luxury brand auto shopping. Stylish and stunning Italian imports like the Pegassi Infernus, rare Swedish exotics like the Overflod - we’ve got it all.

Launching soon, you can visit us at – and for now STALK us here at LifeInvader to get 10% off your first luxury auto purchase at our online showroom.
Legendary Motorsport

Legendary Motorsport Screen 1

"Official online dealer of the Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio. Tell the carbon footprint to talk to the hand. #BeLegendary"
Legendary Motorsport Screen 2

"Pick up the new Cheetah. Road-tested, cougar approved."
Legendary Motorsport Screen 3

Los Santos Customs
Residents of Los Santos take great pride in their vehicles. They spend the majority of the day in them. Don’t just get cosmetic surgery on yourself, customize your car too. Get the look – the tinted windows into your soul.

Los Santos Customs provides top-quality auto repairs and customization services for all types of cars, bikes and trucks.

Make your ride stand out from the rest at Los Santos Customs.

Everyone who STALKS our page here on Lifeinvader will receive one FREE spray paint job (using quality CoverUp brand paint) at all participating LS locations.
Los Santos Customs

"Nothing says “riding clean” like a freshly polished and rimmed up Infernus"
Los Santos Customs Screen 1

"Truffade Adder ready to hit the town, doing more donuts than Rusty Brown."
Los Santos Customs Screen 2

Redwood Cigarettes
Welcome to the official Redwood Cigarettes page on Lifeinvader. Redwoods are an American tradition, passed down through generations of strong, virile men, may they rest in peace.

#RedwoodPleasures Share with us your #RedwoodPleasures here on LifeInvader and if we like what we see, we just might share it with all our Stalkers!

#RedwoodCares Proud sponsor of the Los Santos City Marathon for over 20 years and today our commitment to your health is stronger than ever. With the American healthcare system in tatters and medical expenses soaring, Redwood is here to help. We’re proud to announce that all Stalkers of our official page here at LifeInvader will receive 10% off the bill in their next visit to any participating Los Santos or Blaine County area hospital.*

* This offer may only be redeemed once.
Redwood Cigarettes

"#CELEBRITYENDORSEROFTHEWEEK: Famous starlet of both television and screen, Poppy Mitchell’s recent cellphone-hacked viral video sensation shows her proudly making smoke rings with our extended Redwood 120’s in the most creative way possible. It may not be a conventional endorsement but we’ll certainly take it. Thanks Poppy! 50 Cartons of your apparently preferred brand are being crated and shipped to your door this week!"
Redwood Cigarettes Screen 1

It’s the Essence of Life!™

The official LifeInvader page for fans of America’s #1 soft drink, Sprunk!
Bursting with 800 calories of glucose, fructose, guarana, caffeine, pesticides, benzene and just enough chemicals for you to forget the pain – nothing beats a belly full of bubbly Sprunk.

Stalk us here on LifeInvader for the chance to get Sprunked on with a free can at participating retailers.

"Wow! Check out this awesome customized Sprunk bike, courtesy of celebrity car customization shop Los Santos Customs!"
Sprunk Screen 1

Warstock Cache & Carry
Whether you’re a private security company, paramilitary force, rebel militia, hot housewife, radical insurgent, unhinged lottery winner, over-zealous neighborhood watch group, or just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we’ve got you covered.

Our online store is officially launching. Visit us anytime even from your iFruit phone at and shop for all your armored vehicle needs in the Los Santos area.

We know you appreciate being prepared, and so do we. So as a one-time special deal for all those who STALK our page here at LifeInvader, we’re happy to offer a 10% discount for your first purchase of any armored vehicle at our online store when it launches this September. STALK now and stay tuned to our page to see some of the inventory we’ll have on offer.

Stand your ground and mean it!
Warstock Cache and Carry

Warstock Cache and Carry Screen 1

"Lovingly and meticulously restored and ready for civilian use."
Warstock Cache and Carry Screen 2

After you've picked up all of those in-game discounts, take a look at some of the personalities that you may meet in and around Los Santos. Alan McClean, Duane Earl and Karl Kelly are all waiting to meet you!

Grand Theft Auto V is due to be released on September 17th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.