Happy Wars Accessible to Free LIVE Members

By Rebecca Smith,
Happy Wars is one of Microsoft's more successful free-to-play titles. The game pits teams of players against each other in a bid to destroy the opponents' castle. Unfortunately, as a multiplayer title, the game has previously only been accessible to Gold Xbox LIVE members. I say "previously" because developer ToyLogic has announced that they are throwing open the game's doors to Free Xbox LIVE members for a limited amount of time.

From now until 11:55PM PST on September 20th, all players will be able to enjoy the game during Gold Unlock Week. After the week expires, players must then upgrade to a Gold membership to be able to continue enjoying the game. All of your in-app purchases and progress will be saved until you can upgrade to that Gold membership.

As if that wasn't enough, ToyLogic are also hosting a Score Galore Campaign until an unspecified time on September 25th. Players taking part in multiplayer matches, such as Quick match or Co-op, will be rewarded with a score increase of 50%. This means ranking up quicker and an increased chance of getting premium items. Will you hit rank 50?

Score Galore

As the above also mentions, a new Special match is going to be beginning soon. From September 20th, players will be able to play the "Save The King" mode. Players must guide their King into the enemy's castle -- it's probably best if you don't destroy it first. There will also be items that will be exclusive to this mode. "Save The King" mode currently doesn't have an end date, so don't wait too long to check it out if you fancy something a little different.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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