TA Gaming Stats - September 9th to 15th 2013

By Chewie, 5 years ago
This report is for the period September 9th to September 15th 2013.

Hello all and welcome to this slightly belated Stats for the second week of September here on TA. Sorry that this one's a little later than usual. I had to deal with a slight issue with some of my Ewok helpers, the Statisticles, and the machinery used to generate the Stats. You see, some of the little blighters thought it would be smart to try and reverse engineer the Statistron 20X6 to produce numbers before they were actually...well...produced. To achieve this lofty and ultimately pointless goal, they stuck their faces into the Number Cruncher, with hilarious, messy and gear-jamming results.

Games Started
26,655 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 38,580 games between them (1,818 different games).

After a surge of new release in recent weeks, things settle down a little bit on retail. The only new release, NHL 14, does manage to pull in decent enough numbers, with over 1,600 starters, but it still sits in the shadow of last week's release, Diablo III. The dungeon-crawler sequel takes first place easily, although it does slice its starters by over half from nearly 6,000 to just over 2,300.

With a massive price slashing in this week's Deal of the Week, cartoony baseball title Nicktoons MLB takes a comfortable fifth place with 750 starters. I picked up the game myself and, despite a supposedly easy completion (almost 40% of players have finished it), I couldn't get to grips with it. As one of my honorary Statisticles adroitly pointed out, it's just not cricket.

As well as the Deal of the Week, we also got not one but two special sales this week, with a selection of both Warner Bros and Behemoth titles discounted. The most popular sale title proved to be recent DC beat-em-up, Injustice: Gods Among Us, with almost 600 starters. Some of these numbers may also be slightly inflated thanks to some dodgy marketplace pricing that meant residents of Morocco and Oman (legitimate and otherwise) were able to get their hands on a selection of free titles. However, only Injustice makes its way onto this table out of all the other freebies available.

Top Retail Games Started

For the first time since the promotion began, a current free "Games with Gold" title is overtaken on the tables this week. Then again, the game in question is also free (to play), with World Series of Poker: Full House Pro taking the lead over Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013.

On the new release front, nostalgic platformer remake, DuckTales Remastered (Arcade), takes in almost twice as many starters as last week's nostalgic platformer remake, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. It's official: Scrooge McDuck > Mickey Mouse. Although not quite a new release, Ascend: Hand of Kul makes the table in fifth with over 500 starters, all of whom are taking part in the upcoming Action RPG's pre-release beta.

Two May releases appear by virtue of the week's sales, with the excellent '80s-style retro shooter, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and the excellent old-west shooter, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, popping up in third and sixth. Far Cry in particular does very well with over 1,200 starters, proving how many TAers were keen to pick it up the moment the price dropped.

Those surprised to see WRC Powerslide on the table in eighth should refer to my earlier statement regarding Moroccan and Omani interlopers picking up titles for free. It's the only one of the selection of Arcade freebies to make the list.

Top Arcade Games Started

More free-to-play madness infects Windows Phone, with new release, The Sims FreePlay (WP), taking first above last week's, Six-Guns (WP). Jetpack Joyride (WP) and UNO & Friends (WP) also continue to pull in strong numbers. This pricing model is really starting to fill up the Stats around here.

On the cheap, but not quite free, side of things, this week's Deal of the Week title, BulletAsylum (WP), takes over 160 starters in third, despite being on sale only a few months ago.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
6,105 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 8,239 games between them (1,238 different games).

Recent releases Saints Row IV and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist continue to pull in big numbers in first and second for Retail Games Completed and Bully: Scholarship Edition continues to sit around the 150 mark in fourth place thanks to a recent price drop and an easy enough completion.

There's that easy completion for Nicktoons MLB I was talking about earlier, with over 100 TAers rubbing my face in the fact I suck at the easy game. I'll practice my pitching and hitting on nearby Statisticles to brush up my skills. Luckily, I've already got a steel baseball bat and the round pointy bit from a flail to practice with.

Top Retail Games Completed

Almost 200 fans of all things '80s ploughed their way through Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon double sharpish, putting it in first place on Arcade Games Completed, above many of the usual recent suspects.

Although it can't claim to be as popular as Ducktales, Castle of Illusion can at least claim to be easier than its retro rival, as almost 85 players finished the game. It currently sits with almost 20% of players having completed it.

Top Arcade Games Completed

Collapse! (WP) Watch sees the amount of players needed to 100% complete one of the easiest games on here go up by two this week. Yes, that's right. Two more players started the game than finished it, meaning the number has actually gone up. UP!!!! I give up.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
64,052 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 680,706 achievements online between them (49,242 different achievements).

Diablo III clears the dungeon for Retail Achievements Won again this week, with players completing Act II and reaching level 30.

Top Retail Achievements Won

Despite more people starting WSOP:FHP, more players are actually playing Magic: DotP 2013, as evidenced by the game's domination on Arcade Achievements Won. Far Cry and Ducktales also make individual appearances with their first achievements.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

It's a free-to-play fight to the death between The Sims Freeplay and Six-Guns on Windows Phone Achievements Won, with the games taking alternating spots on the top six places. Ultimately, The Sims wins, although Six-Guns does fill in some lower spots on the table too, alongside BulletAsylum.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

After the initial boost last week, Diablo III continues to push up the numbers for Role-Playing, nudging it up over the 4million mark and from third to second in Genre this week. NHL also manages to pull Sports up from fifth to fourth, above Action, and Ducktales performs a similar feat for Platformer.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure6,501,422
  • Role-Playing4,100,621
  • Shooter3,988,401
  • Sports1,882,274
  • Action1,610,042
  • Platformer1,014,696
  • Racing825,332
  • Card & Board711,965
  • Adventure292,491
  • Puzzle275,955

That's all I've got for you this week I'm afraid. No extra special bonus table like the last three weeks (check them out here, here and here). I've had my hands too full with my little problems (read: Statisticles). Also, if I withhold the special tables occasionally, you'll want them more next time. That's psychology.
Written by Chewie
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