Eat Wake With New Kinect Sports Rivals Screenshots

By litepink, 5 years ago
It’s safe to say that the Kinect for Xbox One doesn’t have gamer’s complete vote of confidence in the months ahead of the Xbox One’s November release. Kinect Sports Rivals is a game that has the possibility of warming people up to the device with its facial scanning features and utilization of more precise tracking through the power of the Xbox One Kinect. Unfortunately, this will have to happen next year, as Kinect Sports Rivals was pushed out of the launch period of Xbox One and into Spring of 2014 instead.

For now, this set of new screenshots will have to tide you over.

Climbing 1

Climbing 2

Wake Race 1

Wake Race 2

Champion Creation 1

Champion Creation 2

As mentioned Kinect Sports Rivals materializes on Xbox One in Spring 2014.