Achievement Preview Spotlight: FIFA 14

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
As a proud resident of Columbus, Ohio, soccer football has always had an interesting relationship with my fair community. Crew Stadium (home of the Columbus Crew of the MLS) was the first major league soccer-specific stadium in the United States and is home to many a victory by the United States national team (dos a cero, anyone?). So when the latest edition of FIFA hits shelves, the interest in Columbus might be a shade higher than the rest of the good ol' U.S. of A.

Next week, the latest edition of EA's soccer football game, FIFA 14, hits retailers and it's time for us to take a look and see what EA Canada has in store for us.


In the good news department, just like the US National Team in modern World Cup action, there are zero secret achievements in FIFA 14, meaning the whole list is perusable for you completionist pleasure. Like Diego Maradona in 1986, you're going to need a little help from your friends, too.

We'll start things off with a quick nod to your friends, as you should hope to have many to play with.

Skills to Pay the Bills in FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Beat a friend’s score in Skill Games

In the event that you don't have friends that you can try to one-up, I would imagine the community here on TA will be more than happy to help out. Either that or you can create a second account, make friends with your primary account, wrack up a ridiculously low score, and simply beat that, but then you'd be playing with yourself and that can make you go blind.

If you're familiar with FIFA, you're probably familiar with the Ultimate Team mode, at least you better be if you want to complete FIFA 14. This next achievement is merely the tip of the iceberg for FUT.

Start Building in FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Create a FUT Club

Now that achievement will be rather tame, but you'll have a grand total of ten achievements tied to FUT. The real kick to the bits is going to be Fuel For My Club achievement that tasks you with opening 20 packs in FUT. According to EA you can "play for free or purchase packs", so feel free to engage in microtransactions, or not... you know... whatever. Let's just say this, though; Real Madrid, Bayern München, and Man U. weren't built by cheapskates.

Before the EA-hate reaches hooligan-level proportions, let's bring things back down a notch with our next achievement.

No Goal For You! in FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Perform a Diving Header Clearance

I may be an American. I may have only attended about six soccer football matches in my entire life, but "Diving Header Clearance" is one of the coolest sports terms ever. It's right up there with "Gordie Howe Hat Trick", "Windmill Jam", and "Seventh Inning Stretch".

Playing with friends is usually fun, but what about playing with strangers? While I might opt to call this next achievement either "Stranger Danger" or "MOM! CHOCOLATE MILK!", the title they chose is probably a bit more acceptable.

Just Dropped In in FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs

I wonder if you need to finish the match or simply "drop-in" to it for a moment. Rest assured, the wizards of achievement solutions will let you know very soon.

OK, let's come together over a pint and determine the toughest achievement to pop in FIFA 14. There are many good contenders, but I'm going to mind my P's and Q's and go with this one.

A Legendary Performance in FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Win a game on Legendary after trailing at half time

Coming from behind on Legendary might not be tough per se... especially if you match up Arsenal against... say Chivas USA, but a REAL challenge would be to take one of America's lovely MLS teams and put them up against a Premier League juggernaut. I challenge you (yes YOU) to give it a shot!

Other high-value achievements of note appear to be Bling Bling (Earn a trophy in Seasons), Silverware (Win a trophy as a Team Manager in Career), Collecting Silverware (Win a division title in FUT Seasons), and Legendary (Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges in Skill Games).

All in all, though, it looks like a list that soccer fans footballers will enjoy for quite some time!

FIFA 14 is set for release next week.

If there's an upcoming game or DLC pack that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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