Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Multiplayer Trailer

By ClumsyOnion, 5 years ago
In Konami's ongoing bid to beat out EA's FIFA for top spot on the yearly soccer charts, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 has been given three brand new trailers.

The first trailer is a TV spot for the game featuring some gameplay footage thrown in amongst a match with real players. No doubt an attempt to grab some extra sales along with the game's release.

The second is slightly more interesting, displaying some of the game's multiplayer gameplay along with a message stating that online play will be patched into the game after release. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be the first in the franchise to feature 11 vs 11 online play, a feature that was implemented into FIFA 11. 11 players will be able to go up against another 11 human players or team up against the CPU.

The final trailer features an interview with the game's Marketing Leader, Yoshikatsu Ogihara, taking viewers through some of the special features of this year's title.

Pro Evolution Soccer is being released very soon on September 20th in Europe and September 24th in North America. The game will be available on the Xbox 360 with no word yet on a next-gen port. So depending on where you are and what time zone you're in you better strap up those football boots quick smart and head down to the shops!