Pac-Man CE DX+ Shown Off At Tokyo Game Show

By Ellis Spice,
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ will be getting an upgrade next week, when a free title update will enhance the game to + status on September 25th. This title update will tweak leaderboards, add challenge-based medals and allow you to compare your scores with your friends. Also next week the 'All You Can Eat' DLC will launch for the game, which will come with four maps, three new skins for the game and two pieces of background music.

Namco Bandai have released a trailer and some screenshots at this year's Tokyo Game Show for the game, giving us a sneak peek at some of the enhancements this new DLC and free title update will bring:

Pac-Man Animated Skin Screen 1

Pac-Man Animated Skin Screen 2

Pac-Man Dig Dug Skin Screen 1

Pac-Man Dig Dug Skin Screen 2

Pac-Man Dig Dug Skin Screen 3

New-Rally X Skin Screen 1

New-Rally X Skin Screen 2

New-Rally X Skin Screen 3

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX can be found on the marketplace now. A free title update will patch versions of the game to become Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ on September 25th, with the 'All You Can Eat' DLC set to launch on the same day, with the pricing for this DLC yet to be announced.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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