Dead Rising 3 Co-op, Super Combo Weapons and More

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Dead Rising 3 is one of the few Xbox One exclusive titles that will be launching with the console. As that magic date draws nearer, more and more gameplay details are starting to emerge about the zombie-filled romp through Los Perdidos.

Co-op play was confirmed back in June, but Tokyo Game Show provided the perfect opportunity to tell us more about your co-op partner. Meet Dick. Dick is a wise-cracking big-rig driver who decides to join Nick when it becomes obvious that Nick is his best chance at escaping from Los Perdidos. Although he plays a part in the Dead Rising 3 storyline, Dick's main role is as a drop-in, drop-out co-op character for your friend who wishes to join you over Xbox LIVE.

Dick 1

Dick 2

Dick 3

Players don't necessarily have to stick together. If you wish to split up from your partner, you can both cause your own kind of mischief. Alternatively, you can stick together to make use of gameplay features such as the special co-op vehicles.

Co-op 2

Co-op 4

Progress and experience will be carried back to your own game, even if you join your friend at a point in the storyline that is further ahead than your current progress. Any mission that is completed in your friend's game will also register as being completed in your own game. Capcom explains it well:

If you’re still in the middle of Chapter 1 but you join your friend’s game online and clear Chapter 3 together, Chapter 3 will become cleared on your own save file, meaning that once you clear Chapters 1 and 2, you’ll have the option of skipping 3.
Co-op 1

Co-op 3

Co-op 5

Combo weapons were also confirmed in June, but Capcom is also bringing along Super-Combo Weapons, a new type of Combo Weapon that can only be built with three or more components, multiple steps and multiple blueprints. They often feature their own unique abilities. The Ultimate Powershout is a horn that is made of traffic cones but it possesses a deadly concussive force. The Ultimate Grim Reaper requires a katana, scythe, gas canister and mask to create a flaming scythe. The final example, the Massive Bomb, is a mini-nuke that not only kills every zombie in the near vicinity, it also obliterates your clothes.

Super-Combo Weapons

Super-Combo Weapons can sometimes be customised to produce different effects. The Freedom Bear returns from Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360) and can be customised in eight different ways. The twin machine guns can be replaced with grenade launchers, a push cart or a boombox lure for example. There are hundreds of Combo and Super-Combo Weapons to build, meaning that you'll never run out of choices. If you're not quite convinced, have a quick look at some of the vehicle, weapon and player options.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

With all of those different weapons, it would help if there were plenty of things to kill, wouldn't it? Well, not only will the Xbox One's capabilities allow Capcom to add a much larger horde of zombies, the fan-favourite Psychos will also be returning. Although there isn't much information on the seven characters at the moment, each of them will be based on one of the deadly sins. We'll have to satisfy ourselves with a look at Greed.

Psycho 1

Psycho 2

As well as the Psychos and zombies, there will be ordinary human enemies too. One of these bosses is this "biker jerk" and his fire-breathing Roller Hawg.

Biker Freak 1

Biker Freak 2

Biker Freak 5

Biker Freak 3

Biker Freak 4

While the new details dry up for now, we have a few more screenshots to show you. The first batch takes a closer look at Nick and a couple of mysterious female characters.


Screen 4

Screen 3

Screen 6

The rest of the screenshots just fit into the random category:

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 5

Screen 7

Dead Rising 3 is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be released on November 22nd.
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