Project Spark Kinect Demonstration

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
This will either be really cool or really confusing, depending on what you're expecting from this title; Team Dakota's Henry, Mike, and Tom embark on an hour-long demonstration of how to create a game from scratch in their upcoming Project Spark for the Xbox One.

It shows the tools at the user's disposal, the difficulties that might be faced, and the rather cool integration of the new Kinect device to add personality to your creations via voice and motion capture. The team even shows off how to make a Doom-type game:

Project Spark will be a free download when it's released in January 2014 for Xbox One. However, it's best you start getting your game designs ready in advance because you're going to be competing with everyone else's crazy and awesome games! Participants of the Windows 8 closed beta will be able to test this out at the end of October.