NBA 2K14 Explains MyTEAM and Crews

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
MyTEAM was a game mode that was introduced to players in NBA 2K13 Achievements. Players can put together a basketball card team that can be used in-game. The mode returns again for NBA 2K14 Achievements. For this year's game, Visual Concepts has improved the mode. In their latest developer diary, the game's producers Abe Navarro and Kelly Wilson talk players through the changes:

For those that can't watch the trailer, the mode now features multi-player and single player tournaments. Tier tournaments will be based around player colours, whereas other tournaments will focus on real-life NBA season developments. A new player mode called MyTEAM Schedule will allow players to take the role of their favourite team and play that team's schedule of matches through the season. Prizes on offer for playing the tournaments include VC, booster packs or new prizes, like Sapphire players. There are more team customisation options too. Finally, there are now leaderboards and there is the option to play against friends.

As well as the returning MyTEAM mode, Crews will also be making their first appearance since NBA 2K11 Achievements, as we revealed with a trailer last month. While 2K may have gotten a number of lucky players to tell you how great the mode was, we think that you'd prefer some details too.

MyPLAYER allows players to create a character and improve his stats and performance through the MyCAREER mode. This player can then be used in online Crew matches. There are two types of Crew matches that are meant to reflect street-style basketball: 3 vs. 3 on a half-court or 5 vs 5. on a full court. The games will be capped at a maximum score of 21 and will take place on a blacktop court. To make the Crew games more balanced, new defensive improvements will play a major part, like the increased number of signature skills, better physicality and the blocking targeting system. Fatigue has also been included. While fatigue wasn't mentioned, the defensive gameplay improvements and more have been described by lead gameplay designer Mike Wang, senior producer Rob Jones and producer Jerson Sapida in this second developer diary.

Friends can be invited into your crew. The Crew Manager gets to go on a power trip special powers to remove members of the Crew who aren't performing as well as expected, or to disband the Crew entirely if so desired. Leaderboards will track every Crew statistic imaginable and will help to identify the best Crews in the world.

Crews 3

Crews can be given a name, abbreviation and a city to represent. Your Crew's jersey can be customised with colours, logos and designs, and you can create home and away jerseys.

Crews 1

Crews 2

Of course, there is little point in customising jerseys if you can't customise your footware. Not only are brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Spalding and Under Armour returning to the game, fan-requested new brands will also be appearing, such as Peak, Anta and Li-Ning. Previous player signature shoes will be updated, whereas other players will be wearing their signature shoes for the first time. If your favourite basketball player changes the colour of his shoes to reflect a special time period like Christmas, this will be reflected in NBA 2K14 via an update.

Here is an example of just a few of the shoes that will be available:

Shoe 1

Shoe 2

Shoe 3

Shoe 4

Shoe 5

Shoe 6

Shoe 7

Shoe 8

Shoe 9

Shoe 10

Shoe 11

Shoe 12

Shoe 13

Shoe 14

Shoe 15

Shoe 16

Shoe 17

Shoe 18

Shoe 19

Shoe 20

Shoe 21

Shoe 22

Shoe 23

Shoe 24

Shoe 25

Shoe 26

Shoe 27

Shoe 28

NBA 2K14 will be released on the Xbox 360 on October 1st for North America and October 4th for Europe. The game is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be released on November 22nd.
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