WWE 2K14 Goes Back to the Universe Era

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
If there is one thing that we can guarantee about a new wrestling game, it is that there is always plenty of media. When THQ had the WWE franchise, we always had a deluge of trailers. Now that 2K has taken over, we're not getting many videos anymore; we're getting plenty of screenshots instead. The latest batch of screenshots for WWE 2K14 highlights the Universe era, otherwise known as the period between Wrestlemania XXV and Wrestlemania 29. Take a look:

Universe Era 1

Universe Era 2

Universe Era 3

Universe Era 4

Universe Era 5

Universe Era 6

Universe Era 7

Universe Era 8

Universe Era 9

Universe Era 10

Universe Era 11

Universe Era 12

Universe Era 13

WWE 2K14 is due to be released on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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