FIFA 11 Kicks Off September/October

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA has unveiled the release date for the forthcoming release of it's annual football title as October 1st for Europe, and September 28th for the US.

It has also been revealed that FIFA 11 will allow players to take total control of customisation via the Creation Centre. This feature will allow you to build teams from the ground up. Stadia, emblems, players, chants, tactics, style of play. It's all down to your hand of God. I would guess this is in direct reply to the customisation options PES has incorporated for a while now.

Also included this time around is the chance to boycott EA's often variable soundtrack, with the ability to stream music directly from your HD into the game. These are some of the key new features being touted on top of the usual improvements to AI, tweaks to player personality, the FIFA 11 theatre and improved physics passing.

If you're not yet bored of football after the South African World Cup 2010, and can stomach another instalment of FIFA, then time to pen a date in your diary.