Rocking Out with Rocksmith 2014's Guitarcade

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
This October, Ubisoft will be releasing the music title Rocksmith 2014 Edition, the sequel to 2011's positively received Rocksmith. The Rocksmith series allows players to plug into their Xbox 360 with virtually any electric guitar or bass instrument, and promotes a more realistic guitar playing experience when compared to the likes of Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

To get players tuned up and ready to shred with the latest entry in the series, Ubisoft have released details of the enhancements included in the returning "Guitarcade" mini-games mode. In Guitarcade modes, you can take some time away from the normal lessons and tutorials and partake in some arcade-parlour style gaming shenanigans. While some mini-games are carried over from the previous Rocksmith title, there are a bunch of new ones.

The game modes on offer include "Scale Racer", in which you attempt to outrun police in your car, and "Gone Wailin'", which sees you trying to collect banana's while riding the water-spout of a moving whale. There is also "Return to Castle Chordead", a kind of Gothic adventure that takes place in and around a haunted castle armed only with your guitar.

Ubisoft are also touting a greatly expanded leaderboard, which proactively suggests new challenges, including the classic "Score Attack" type competitions, for players based on their current position. This will help to motivate them to improve their skills in order to keep them climbing the ladder. Be sure to watch the recently released "Guitarcade" trailer to see the mini-games and leaderboards in action:

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be shredding your Xbox 360 sometime in October.