Hellraid Interactive Trailer

By Chewie, 5 years ago
You wake up in a small dimly lit room.
On the floor is a urine soaked mattress. There is something strangely protruding from inside the mattress.
There is a desk with a computer on it. The computer is on. A 'TrueAchievements' website is on the screen. It's pretty great.
There is a door to the west.
There is a window to the north.

Who remembers text based adventures? Springing up in the mid '70s, these high-octane thrill rides brought hours of entertainment and furious command typing to thousands of early gamers. That was until 'pictures' and 'sounds' ruined it. Or how about "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels? Books where each chapter would end with the reader given a choice: one choice would invariably lead to, well, the next chapter of the story; whereas the other choice would lead to certain doom.

Hellraid developers Techland sure remember those days fondly and have created a unique marketing strategy for their upcoming dark fantasy action game, seemingly in homage to these interactive adventures.

In this interactive trailer, viewers/players take on the role of Edyn, a monk who must escape a monastery overrun by grisly ghouls. Set two weeks before the events of the game itself, the trailer is built using in-game environments, enemies and items. Choose wisely and you'll be rewarded with a gift that hits all the right notes. Choose unwisely and you'll have to start again or at least decide whether you're willing to sit through the choices all over again. By the third or fourth time you may be wondering whether it's just better to let poor Edyn face his maker.

To make sure to get the full effect from the interactive trailer, ensure you have Youtube annotations turned on. Some people may have issues with the embedded version, so try it on the Youtube page itself.

Whatever you do, just don't try to "Get Troll".

Hellraid is due to shove your face into a dark world of melee and magic sometime this year on Xbox 360.
Written by Chewie
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