Dead Space Ignition Coming To XBLA This Fall

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Remember a few months back when EA was making waves about their plans for future downloadable titles? A big part of their plan was to include a "teaser" title that would launch before a larger, retail release. Meet the first game to follow EA's new online policy, Dead Space Ingition, an interactive comic-style game that according to EA will play out like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

The same author that penned the 2008 Dead Space comic series, Antony Johnson was brought on board to write the plot of Ignition. The game will introduce new characters and plot twists that will play out more in Dead Space 2. Through the Choose Your Own Adventure format there will be four separate endings available, each one giving you an exclusive suit for Isaac Clarke to use when you start up Dead Space 2.

It's not all Necromorphs however as 3 hacking mini games are available including Hardware Crack, Trace Route and System Overload. What any of those actually mean is anyone's guess right now.

While I am curious just how an interactive comic style game will work, I remain skeptical. More news should be available in the coming weeks while Dead Space 2 will not be hitting store shelves until January 25th, 2011.