Just Dance 2014 New Features Explored

By litepink, 5 years ago
The Just Dance series is known for its vibrant presentation and unique chorography. It also has the reputation as a go-to party game with four player support on Kinect for Xbox 360. With Just Dance 2014 on Kinect for Xbox One, we can expect much more of this with the camera’s improved tracking and improvements. Microsoft sat down with Just Dance producer Sean Crooks to get some details about some of the features being implemented, including those specific to Kinect for Xbox One. The details of this Q & A are summarized below.

Four player dances were always a hoot in previous Just Dance titles, and Just Dance 2014 on Xbox One cranks it up a notch with up to six players at once getting their groove on. Each of the dancers routines are different so you won't all be doing the same thing, and the additional players and improved tracking opens the door to some inventive moves, such as six people piling on to make a Human Pyramid. Do you think they'll be including an achievement for pulling off such a feat? The improved tracking of the Kinect on Xbox One allows the series to go to new lengths with additional players and more accurate move detection.

If you're more apt to the support role there's a place for you in the upcoming Just Dance. If you're not ready for the spotlight quite yet (or are ready to share it), the On Stage Mode allows one person to take the floor with others taking the role of backup dancers. Then there's SmartGlass functionality, which puts you in the role of Party Master where you choose upcoming moves for the dancers. You can pick silly or funny moves to throw them off if you'd like. You can be a bit more useful to the cause by using SmartGlass to queue up more songs to play once the current routine is done.

Other new modes join the fracas, including a Karaoke mode. Online multiplayer becomes a part of the series for the first time, featuring the World Dance Floor. Here players from around the world can take part of one rolling setlist in groups of up to eight. What's unique about this mode is that all player's scores are added to greater challenges such as "Boys vs. Girls" which allows everyone to contribute on a global scale.

Naturally, the power of Xbox One's hardware gives Just Dance a crisp and vibrant look that should suit the series well. The improved hardware and Kinect sensor also allows Ubisoft to expand on their AutoDance feature bringing it better music video options for your creations.

We won't be seeing the Human Pyramid in the following gameplay clips, but we will get a glimpse of the far out "Aquarius" by The Sunlight Shakers and Ivete Sangalo's Dançando. More people would likely agree that the Dance Central series is better, but you have to admit that Just Dance gets tons of bonus points for some of their daring setlist choices.

Just Dance 2014 is an Xbox One launch title, but those eager to jump out of their seats can get it on Xbox 360 starting October 4th in Europe and October 8th in North America.