The Warriors: Street Brawl Has Been Delisted

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
The Warriors: Street Brawl was originally released in 2009 by Paramount Digital Entertainment and is based off of the 1979 movie (which co-starred James Remar, whom you may know as the ghost of Dexter Morgan's dad from Dexter). You'd be forgiven for not realizing it was a movie adaptation and you'd really be forgiven for not realizing that originally The Warriors was a novel first published in 1965.

The Warriors: Street Brawl shall now be as forgotten as the past entries in the "franchise", which isn't a big loss as only 1,283 gamers had picked up the XBLA title in the past 4 years. Given the correlation between the title's release and the date that it was pulled, the most likely reason for the marketplace removal is the loss of the license. Most license deals are for 5 years at a time before the deal must be renewed, so if we allow for one year of development time, The Warriors: Street Brawl likely came up for renewal and was let go by Paramount Digital Entertainment.

Which is fine, since if anyone says they were about to pick this game up, they're lying.