Saints Row: Drive By Coming to XBLA

By dropK1CK ninJA,
During Nintendo's E3 press conference, a whole lot of games got announced from first- and third-party companies for the Wii and the new 3DS. One of those games was THQ's Saints Row: Drive By. Other than the announcement of the title itself hitting the 3DS, no other details were released.

In subsequent post-E3 interviews it was revealed that the 3DS title will also being hitting Xbox Live Aracde. Release date? Before Saints Row 3. All we know of this title is that it is coming to XBLA and it will unlock items for you in Saints Row 3.

Gamestop grabbed the following quote from THQ:
We haven't announced any of this yet, exactly. But it's all part of the plan leading [up] to Saint's Row 3, and all of the games connected. So if you play one, it unlocks stuff in the big game and back and forth and all that stuff.
It's time for Marx0r to get excited again.