Composer Cris Velasco To Work On Enemy Front

By Zinn Gravey, 5 years ago
CI Games have announced that Cris Velasco, the man behind the scores of Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 1+2, God of War 1-3 and Darksiders, will be helping to compose Enemy Front's official score.

In an interview, Cris Velasco revealed he is very excited to be helping out with the game:

As a longtime fan of the WWII based first-person shooter, I couldn't be happier to be scoring Enemy Front. Their unique take on this game is allowing me to write some very melodic and emotional music. It's turning out to be one of my favourite scores so far!
CI Games have also released some screenshots as well: three gameplay shots and three pictures of guns.

28/09/2013 1

28/09/2013 2

28/09/2013 3

28/09/2013 4

28/09/2013 5

28/09/2013 6

Enemy Front was orignally planned to release last year but was delayed. The game is now due to be released in Spring 2014.