ORBITOR Leaps into Space

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Evil Aliens will not be a developer that is familiar to many. Their debut title, ORBITOR, has been in development for nearly three years but has flown under the radars of most people. Players enter a space-themed environment where they must take control of a space probe, unsurprisingly called ORBITOR. Surrounded by nebulas and "complex orbital systems", players must lock onto nearby objects and orbit around them while gathering speed before destroying them to collect the energy life forms that are concealed within.

Gathering up energy life forms allows the autonomous (and self-repairing) space probe to upgrade its abilities and return to its place of origin in order to attempt to stop the probe's creator, although we're not entirely sure what that person has done to deserve this.

If that trailer was a little too confusing, take a look at this more in-depth explanation of the game's mechanics taken using alpha gameplay footage.

Nnooo will be taking on publishing duties when the game will be coming to unspecified consoles in 2014.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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