The Elder Scrolls Online: The Clannfear

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
The Clannfear, as encountered in previous Elder Scrolls games including Battlespire, Morrowind, and Oblivion, will be making a fearsome comeback in Zenimax's upcoming

As such, the developers have come clean about the process they have used to create the next-generation version of the monster; there were several artistic iterations that were designed, but the team ultimately went with a version that "features a smaller frill, plated spikes along its spine, and the dangerous tri-tipped tail", as shown in the artist mock-up below:

September 29th

When bringing this creature to life in the actual game, the developers wanted to make it seem cunning, intelligent and bird-like. This meant animating the animal in such a way as to give it a distinct predatory vibe, and we are seeing it do things that make it reminiscent of the Velociraptor species dinosaurs seen in the Jurassic Park movies. To add to the creature's other-worldly personality (keep in mind, these monsters originate from the hellish planes of Oblivion), the audio technicians mixed avian sounds with horse and other farm animal noises to create an obscenely frightening combination.

September 29th

The end result is the most detailed rendition of the Clannfear ever seen in an Elder Scrolls game:

September 29th

Now it's time for you to see it in action, as the developers have released a very short teaser video to re-introduce a classic Daedric beast:

That's the new Clannfear; is anybody getting excited for this game yet? I know, despite the spotlight for this game being aimed squarely at its inclusion of a paid subscription scheme, it's hard to deny that the scope of this project looks impressive. The Elder Scrolls Online will be released in Spring 2014.