Four Contrast Screens Light Up

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
The visually intriguing and mysterious Contrast from Compulsion Games may welll have slipped past a number of people's radars, so if you're thinking that this game is for you, why not check out the announcement article we did back in May. For those of you who like a distinctive art style and a different and unusual story, Contrast is definitely worth a look. Four brand new images have been released of the game, and to introduce those images, a small helping of information has been revealed to us.

In and around town, there's a rumor that Didi's father, Johnny, is back in town trying to promote something big - a circus that is as entertaining as it is ambitious. But to do this, Johnny needs the Great Vincenzo, a famous magician, to headline the show and draw big crowds. Johnny could find himself in a bad situation if Vincenzo doesn't agree, as this deal isn't exactly above board. Join Didi, the adventure-loving, spirited little girl and her imaginary friend Dawn, as they discover the mysteries that lay under the big tents of Johnny's circus and Vincenzo's workshop through our four new images, as these places will be the setting for important scenes in Didi's story.
30/9 screen 1

30/9 screen 2

30/9 screen 3

30/9 screen 4

Contrast is set to release on XBLA and will be lighting up our dreary Winter towards the end of this year.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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