Retail Releases: Week of October 1st, 2013

By Marc Hollinshead,
Similar to last week, we have a healthy dose of sport and other such games which encourage us to unleash our inner competitive side. Fancy a bit of basketball? How about racing in eye-blindingly shiny cars? If that's not up your street, then jumping around in front of your TV like an idiot may work for you. That last option is certainly appealing to me the most. Besides, what actually is this 'sport' thing that people keep speaking of anyway?

North America
Batman Arkham Bundle (October 4th)
NBA 2K14
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Trilogy

Australia (October 3rd)
F1 2013
Hot Wheels World's Best Driver (October 2nd)
Just Dance 2014
NBA 2K14

Europe (October 4th)
F1 2013
Just Dance 2014
NBA 2K14
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
To summarize Marc in two words, it would be "Christian Gamer." You will usually find him getting stuck into story heavy action-adventure games, RPG's and the odd quirky title when he isn't raving about Dark Souls and Mass Effect. Outside the world of gaming, Marc attends and helps out in his church on a regular basis and has a not-so thrilling job in a supermarket.
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  • Posted on 30 September 13 at 12:19Permalink
  • WavyGopalWavyGopal446,888
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 12:30Permalink
    Pumped up for nba
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 12:58Permalink
    clancy trilogy seems cool
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty508,958
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 13:11Permalink
    F1 2013, looks good, can't wait until next week though - SpongeBob!!!
  • Posted on 30 September 13 at 13:14Permalink
    F1 2013 looked okay, I wouldn't pay full price for it, that's for sure.
    Is shooting bullets not cool enough for you? Buy a Maliwan and light some people on fire!
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 September 13 at 13:18Permalink
    So not interested in this Batman unless they've focused more on the sneaking of the first one. The melee combat is just bollocks.
  • NarnoldPTNarnoldPT29,274
    Posted on 30 September 13 at 18:44Permalink
    I think I'm gonna wait for the next gen NBA
  • Posted on 01 October 13 at 07:37Permalink
    Europe (October 4th) - NBA 2K14
    Can't wait for this!
    >> Tampa Bay Buccaneers <<
  • Vr EnglishVr English608,646
    Posted on 01 October 13 at 08:50Permalink
    Man, I love the enthusiasm for NBA. Nothing for me.
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