New Project Spark Developer Demo Released

By Zinn Gravey, 5 years ago
Developer Team Dakota streamed another hour long, live demonstration for their upcoming release, Project Spark, the game that allows you to create your own games. The demo features members of Team Dakota showing us a few examples of user created content, including an inventory system and a 2D side scroller, and how to make your own 2D side scroller. They also have a special announcement about terrain tinting. This demo is very helpful if you are confused about what Project Spark is or how the game will work.

One highlight of this video is the ability to share your game mechanics with the community as it will be a big help for people who have great ideas but don't know how to translate their ideas into working game mechanics.

Are you excited for this game? Do you have any ideas already brewing inside you ready to be released upon Project Spark? Let us know in the comments below.

Project Spark currently has no release date.