Mighty No. 9 Reaches Funding for Xbox One Release

By litepink, 5 years ago
Mighty No. 9 has reached a milestone of mega proportions, speeding through the Kickstarter stretch goal to bring the this spiritual successor of Mega Man to the next-generation. That’s right, Mighty No. 9 is confirmed for release on Xbox One on top of the previously surpassed funding goal of bringing the game on to the Xbox 360. Project lead and Mega Man creator Kenji Inafune had publicly stated that they were a little gun shy in regards to next-generation release of Mighty No. 9 given the lack of development experience and the costs involved. However, he did acknowledge that they would be for it should there be enough interest. The steam that this Kickstarter project has been gaining and the funding coming in is evidence as to how much interest there is for next-gen versions of the game.

With the carrot dangled in front of potential backers in the form of a stretch goal, thousands of people bit in order to ensure Mighty No. 9 comes to new consoles. Other stretch goals have been fulfilled along the way brining perks like extra stages, more bosses, game modes, and more. There are a few more hours left to back the project, and several more stretch goals are realistically in sight. Backing the project will grant you various rewards ranging from digital perks to physical ones. The most practical reward is a $20 backing that earns you a copy of Mighty No. 9 upon release, along with your name in the credits thanking you for your support. If you're interested the campaign ends today so hurry on over!

The game has the community to thank for their success and funding, and this fan base is certainly enthusiastic. This official video highlights some of the fan art that has been produced in support for the title.

The funding of an Xbox One version is probably fitting, considering Mighty No. 9 isn’t expected until Spring 2015. That’s like, forever away from now, isn’t it?