Blood of the Werewolf Inspired by Retro

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Blood of the Werewolf has a bit of a complicated history. The game was announced for multiple platforms, including XBLA, back in March. Then there was silence. Having missed its intended summer 2013 release date, the XBLA port of the game appeared to have been cancelled when the game's official website was updated to show just the Wii U, Playstation Network and PC as intended platforms. Now, in a bid to confuse us all, the official site has once again been updated and the XBLA version of the title is back in production.

The retro platformer will test players as they try to defeat 34 "brutal" monsters through ten unique worlds as the difficulty steadily increases to "white knuckle" status. If that isn't enough, there are five boss arenas too. For the sake of Selena's child Nikolai, the last of the Wolf Clan, developer Scientifically Proven hopes that you will be successful. Why is the game retro-inspired and why is it so difficult? Scientifically Proven explains:

Blood of the Werewolf was initially designed with two main pillars; the love of sharing the experience that is video games and the elation of mastering a challenging title. The conversation evolved into the goal of building our love letter to the classic console experience that we grew up with.

We focused on the challenge. You will die but that death will only tighten your grip and sharpen your reflexes. You will grit your teeth and you will overcome. You will continue because you can see what you did wrong and you can feel that the game is built on a solid and fair rule set based on testing your reflexes (at a silky 60FPS).

The story is fun. It is a new world populated by dozens of classic monsters of lore. The backdrop is a post war city; each borough ran by one of the major houses - Creature, Jekyll, Dracula, Mummy, and the mad scientist Frankenstein. You come home to find your husband murdered and your son, the last of the werewolf clan, stolen. Unfortunately for your son's captors it is your night, the night of Grandmother Moon.
Take a look:

Blood of the Werewolf is coming soon.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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