Magnificent Henry Waves Into Powerstar Golf

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Two new characters have been revealed for Powerstar Golf in as many weeks, with Frank and Reiko teeing up for action.

Today, Microsoft has conjured up another character in the form of Magnificent Henry. It appears that Henry has made quite a name for himself, with both The Queen and the ladies, before he even gets started on the golf course.

Henry Copperbottom hails from London, England, where he dazzles crowds of thousands as a stage magician. His illusions are so grand, no one’s quite sure how he does it – he once made Her Majesty the Queen disappear for an entire week, which caused quite the security stir! Henry’s tricks come in handy on the fairway, too; his special ability “Illusion Ball” allows him to split the ball on command, sending five balls rolling across the course. Whichever ball lands closest to the pin becomes the “real” ball, which comes in handy for digging out of difficult terrain or trying to nail a close putt. Henry fancies himself a stylish ladies’ man, and his crazy costumes range from silly to elaborate – all of which are unlockable throughout Powerstar Golf.


New characters are not the only things that have been revealed, as the Rocky Ridge and City Park courses were also showcased recently.

Powerstar Golf will tee off when the Xbox One arrives on November 22nd.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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