Michael Jackson: The Experience

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
During E3, Ubisoft officially announced the long rumored Michael Jackson game. This was a game that had gone into production before The King of Pop's passing. Personally, I was hoping for a sequel to Moonwalker, or some similar action adventure game.

Instead it looks to be a clone of Just Dance (found on the Wii). Ubisoft has released the official title today, Michael Jackson: The Experience, along with details on how each platform will handle the game.

The Xbox 360 version will use Kinect to project a 3D image of the player onto the screen with a microphone in hand. This allows anyone to moonwalk across the living room and perform other notable dance moves trademarked by the late Jackson. The Kinect will also be using its built-in microphone to allow users to also sing, keeping their hands free from a microphone and use those arms to do some freewheelin'.

The PS3 version will require a microphone to partake in the any of the singing bits. The Move will also be required for any dance acts as well. I am curious what remains of the game if you purchased the software and did not own the appropriate hardware.

The Wii version will use Wii Motion Plus and operate in the same manner as Just Dance.

Some screenshots were released as well:

External image

External image