GTA Online Title Update Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Rockstar Games' highly anticipated online adventures in Grand Theft Auto V were unleashed upon the world just a few days ago. Unfortunately, the players who eventually managed to gain access to the packed servers for GTA Online will have experienced plenty of problems. Long and sometimes ever-lasting loading screens, disappearing money, properties, and vehicles, were just a few of the problems for GTA Online. Most players will have only experienced these issues if they managed to get past another issue of not being able to progress past the first tutorial.

Rockstar Games have been hard at work to eliminate the known problems and issues and have put together a new title update, along with the details on the fixes and improvements. Check out the short list right here:

• Fix to address the issue where players were stuck launching a session before the Mall or Nothing race in the online tutorial.
• Fix to address an issue where bank & cash were deleted incorrectly in some cases.
• Fix to address incorrect amounts of cash being dropped when the player dies in Missions and Last Team Standing.
• Fixes an issue where the Character Switch Wheel would disappear after a failed load.
• Fixes an issue where attempting to enter GTA Online via the Character Switch Wheel caused a black screen.
• Fixes an issue where temporary characters were overwriting main characters.
• Fixes an issue where players were losing apartments and the money they spent on them.
• Fixes an issue that caused Story Mode missions to be missed in some instances.
• Removes the autosave that occurred when transitioning into GTA Online from within GTAV Story Mode to prevent the chance of Story Mode saves becoming corrupted.
• Several tweaks to GTA Online including improving overall stability.
That's not all! The GTA V section of the Rockstar Games' Social Club has been updated with plenty of extras to check out. Check out your statistics for your single-player characters as well as your online character, check out your crew's page, lineup jobs for your in-game queue, and plenty more.

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Lastly, be sure to check out Rockstar's handy overview site for GTA Online, which has also been recently updated. The link includes details on some of the activities you can get up to online with the likes of racing, making & taking money, customizing cars, clothes shopping, and plenty more!

The title update for GTA Online is already live. Players yet to play the game today will be prompted to download the update the next time they do.
Credit for this story goes to valbo1979
Ashley Woodcock
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