Loads of New Media for Dustforce

By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
We announced last month that Dustforce of PC fame is coming to the Xbox 360, but there's been no news since...until now. Capcom and its partner Hitbox have released a good bit of media on the upcoming title, which has an interesting premise - just how good at cleaning are you? Sweep through levels, literally, as part of an acrobatic janitorial team.

First, let's see some artwork. Not only are we shown our four agents of cleanliness and order, but the four forces they'll be fighting as they make war on the denizens of dirt, as well: Dustgirl, Dustkid, Dustman, and Dustworth vs. Dust Wraith, Leaf Sprite, Slime Boss, and Trash King.










Next are some new screenshots that were released for New York Comic Con.











The newest version of the Indie hit has several new features:
FEATURES Fresh content – The console versions of Dustforce will add:

Online multiplayer
o King of the Hill: 2-4 players battle for points by capturing lamps.
o Survival: Up to 2v2 can compete in a match. Knock the other team into hazards until they run out of lives.
o All MP modes support Ranked and Private play...

Additional new features:
...Trophies and Achievements

Colorful cast offer different play styles
Dustman: Mastering the double jump is crucial to success for this default character
Dustgirl: Faster than Dustman and with a longer attack range, but her inertia means she speeds up and slows down with more difficulty
Dustkid: Offers a relatively safe option where mistakes can easily be rectified - an initial short jump distance is lengthened with two extra mid-air jumps and can also change direction twice while aloft
Dustworth: The toughest to control but with the highest jump coupled with the longest hang time and attack range he offers the best potential for high scores

Plenty of sweep ‘em up actionDustforce will ship with 56 single levels from early gentle exploration stages to intense challenges and 10 multiplayer maps

Vie for the title of Head Janitor – See how your skills compare with fellow players via online leaderboards

Top run-throughs will be available for fellow cleaners to download and view

...More to come – Additional maps will be released for free post launch
Finally, we have some new gameplay footage that shows us a bit of the game's platforming action accompanied by some rather lovely music.

Flex your cleaning muscles and get ready for some immaculate gameplay when Dustforce shows up to make war on dirt in January, 2014.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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