Master Laoshi Joins the Powerstar Golf Roster

By litepink, 5 years ago
The latest character reveal for Powerstar Golf is Master Laoshi, the martial arts instructor turned golfer. Originally he hails from Jiangxi, China, with his journey leading him to the Emperor's Garden course, his home away from home.

Master Laoshi Art

Master Laoshi is a master at meditation and brings his superb ability to focus and concentrate to rule the links. Being calm and serene is a valuable skill in a sport that can often deal out so much frustration. Like other Powerstar golfers, Laoshi has his own unique special ability to help split the fairways and sink birdies. With his 'Zen Focus' ability, you enter a calm, meditative state where time slows down during your swing, allowing for more precise and accurate shots.

Master Laoshi Screenshot

Powerstar Golf has a tee time on November 22nd with the launch of Xbox One. For more character reveals check out our previous coverage.