CoachGlass Coming to Madden 25 on Xbox One

By litepink, 5 years ago
The next-generation of Madden is getting an exclusive new feature with Coachglass for Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One). Using Microsoft's SmartGlass functionality, CoachGlass will give you detailed play analysis to help you determine the right defensive play for a given situation and adding another strategic element to playing defense on Madden.


When you think of SmartGlass and Madden, you're probably figuring that you would just use a phone or tablet to pick a play or something along those lines. CoachGlass on Xbox One is much more than that though. Crowd data is accumulated through thousands of online matches, allowing CoachGlass to compile this data and provide analysis, feedback, and recommendations on defensive play-calling. Imagine it's 3rd and Goal from the 4-yard line; what type of play is called most often in this situation? By utilizing the data CoachGlass provides, it will help you determine the right play to make the stop.

CoachGlass 1


CoachGlass 2

CoachGlass not only pulls historic data to determine tendencies and trends, but also tracks plays called during your current matchup as well. Here you can see what worked and what didn't, as well as determine your opponent's play style.

CoachGlass 3


CoachGlass 4

If fumbling around with a phone or tablet doesn't suit your style, why not hand it off to a friend for some co-op action? He can even wear a headset and hold the tablet over his mouth when talking to mimic an actual Defensive Coordinator. In all seriousness, CoachGlass could be a valuable tool for those looking for a deeper defensive experience and could be the key to victory.

CoachGlass 5

Marshawn Lynch

Although online matches are CoachGlass' lifeblood, used to evolve and thrive, the feature can be used in game types both online and offline. It is available exclusively using SmartGlass, which is available for Windows platforms, iOS, and Android.

Madden 25 is an Xbox One launch title.