DLC Gets Quiet Price Cuts

By dropK1CK ninJA, 9 years ago
Kudos to the guys over at Cheap Ass Gamer (CAG). It seems they uncovered a handful of DLC pieces that were quietly price cut. There is no word if these are permanent or temporary, that means get them while you can.

Please Note: All the information is confirmed for the United States & Oceania Marketplace. It is unclear at this time if other regions enjoy these price cuts. We will update you with any confirmations.

Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky - Now 80 MSP. Was 400 MSP.
Project Gotham Racing 3: Various Cars - Various Prices. Most Were 400 MSP.
Project Gotham Racing 4: Premium Challenge Pack - Now 80 MSP. Was 400 MSP.
Lost Odyssey: Dungeon Pack - Now 80 MSP. Was 400 MSP.
Perfect Dark Zero: Map Pack One - Now 160 MSP. Was 500 MSP.
Forza 2: Various Race Track Packs - Now 80 MSP. Was 100+ MSP.
Kameo: Power Pack - Now 80 MSP. Was 400 MSP.
Blue Dragon: Shuffle Dungeon - Now 80 MSP. Was 400 MSP.
Blue Dragon: 6 Treasures - Now 80 MSP. Was 200 MSP.
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus Expansion Pack - FREE. Was 800 MSP.
Beautiful Katamari: DLC Levels - Now 80 MSP Each. Was 200 MSP Each.

CAG is trying to track down any more items that were mysteriously cut down on price. If you find any more, post them in the thread and we will update the original post.

Grab them while they are hot! Who knows how long they will last!
Credit for this story goes to AndroidOdnetnin and Nuffzx